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Posted by kenji on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 6:29pm.

I post those questions earlier but no one reply to them.

Complications in the practice of America’s ideals occurs because these ideals
a. are general principles, not precise rules.
b. sometimes conflict with one another.
c. are only one of the many sources of political action.
d. are enduring and powerful.
e. All these answers are correct.

I think it's C

The principle of self-government emphasizes majority rule whereas the principle of liberty emphasizes individual rights. These principles
a. are universal and are the foundation of all legitimate governments.
b. have no real meaning in practice.
c. have the same meaning for all Americans.
d. are not fully consistent with each other.
e. are not expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

I think it's C
If I'm wrong, please tell me hint for the answer

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