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Recently my class and I read a short story called "A l is Calm." It is basically about this girl named Katherine and her grandma who is suffering from the Alzheimer's disease. It starts out as this: Katherine's grandma has to be taken to the doctor because she has an appointment, but everyone is so busy, that Katherine is asked to take her grandma to the doctors. Katherine is sort of selfish at that point, cause she doesn't really understand the situation her grandma is in. They go to the bus, and when Katherine and her grandma enter it, Katherine's grandma starts singing christmas carols, Katherine feels embarrased, and feels really awkward. All the other people in the bus just stop and stare at them. When Katherine's grandma comes to her senses, she clutches Katherine's hand, but katherine feels so embarrased and uncomfortable by this, that she tries to untangle her hand from her grandma's. As her grandma starts talking about baking Katherine's favourite sweets for her when they reach home, Katherine feels that love, and is almost about to cry. When the bus stops, and they are near the doctor's office, Katherine's grandma suddenly loses her senses and is does not recognize Katherine. Katherine tries to explain to her grandma that she can't be late for her appointment and that she is Katherine her grand daughter, but she is still unable to remember. Katherine's grandma says rude things to Katherine such as " What a nasty little girl, trying to make me her grandma, etc. Katherine's anger starts rising towards her grandma but then she remembers that, its not her grandma speaking to her in such a cruel way, it is the disease. Katherine tries hard to take her grandma out of the bus, but it does not work. Kevin, who Katherine believes to be a stranger is in the bus, and he comes to help Katherine take her grandma out of the bus. Katherine knows Kevin cause he is in several of her classes and he is a class clown and a jock, Katherine is not his type. She says she does not need his help, but he lends a hand anyways. He is gentle with Katherine's grandma and takes her out of the bus, he even brings Katherine's grandma to her senses and she recognizes Katherine again. Katherine realizes that she misjudged Kevin and he even tells her that his father is suffering from the same disease so he knows how she feels. Katherine begins to realize a lot of things. Most importantly she begins to realize the importance of her grandma in her life. They are about to enter the doctor's office, until katherine's grandma stops and stares at these oranges. katherine feels really sad at that point, cause her grandma is wondering what they are. Katherine can't control her emotions and runs up to hug her grandma. She says I love you to her grandma at the very ending.

It was a sad story.

I'm actually supposed to write a composition on this story, and I will post it on here, can you please edit it, thanks. Basically this composition is about katherine being a dynamic character. ~ She changes throughout the story.

This is how she is in the beginning, during and end of the story:

-no understanding
-unsure of how to react

-realization of seriousness


This is how we are supposed to write a composition:

First there is supposed to be a Delayed Thesis, then Topic Sentence, and then lastly : Plan of Organization

If you have any other ideas for a good delayed Thesis, then please feel free to post them on here.


We must give importance to all the

people around us, because we never

know how long they will remain by our

side. Katherine, the protagonist

of “All is Calm”, by Ann Walsh, is a

dynamic character. Through time, she

begins to realize her grandma’s

importance in her life. Katherine goes

through grief and happiness throughout

the story. She develops an

understanding about life and learns

from her mistake. At the beginning of

the story; Katherine feels as if she

has a burden laid on herself when she

is asked to take her grandma to the

doctor’s. She is unsure of how to

react when her grandma goes out of her

senses and starts “singing” She feels


Katherine does not understand her

grandma’s situation, she actually

feels uncomfortable when her

grandma “[clutches] at [her] hand.”

Katherine tries to “untangle her hand

from her grandma. Katherine feels sad

when her grandma at last comes to her

senses and acts ‘real’. Katherine’s

grandma “[is] back”, and

Katherine “want’[s] to cry.”

Moreover, Katherine receives help from

Kevin, who she recalls to be a

stranger, {but she later notices the
fact} -this is not a good ending for
this sentence, any suggestions on how
I could change and make it more

Katherine feels thankful to Kevin,

because he helps take her grandma out

of the bus. She misjudges him at

first, and later on realizes her

mistake. She “remembers how patient

and good [he] was with her


Therefore, each individual should be

able to realize the importance of

one’s loved ones in one’s life.

This is a very long page, so maybe it would be easier to follow everything by printing it out~ just a suggestion, thanks for all your help:-)

  • English-Writeacher -

    I think you summarized the story, but did not indicate much change. You told what K did.

    Here is my point: How did K feel? How did K grow (in what ways)?

    I think if I were you, I would forget about retelling the story, your teacher surely would be bored with that, but put yourself into K, and describe how she sees events, and how it makes her grow stronger.



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