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In a cyclotron (one type of particle accelerator), a deuteron (of mass 2.00 u) reaches a final speed of 8.4% of the speed of light while moving in a circular path of radius 0.551 m. What magnitude of magnetic force is required to maintain the deuteron in a circular path?

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    centripetal force= magnetic force

    m v^2/r=Bqv

    B= m v/qr

    at .084 c, I would first work it ignoring relativistic changes in mass, then rework it considering them.

    mass m is not in u units, but in kg.

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    OK SO F=MA

    M= 2.00U --> kg --> 3.32107773 × 10^-27 kg

    A= v^2/r

    v=8.4% speed light, => (299792458)*8.4/100...
    Plug into F=MA

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    T=[(3.32107773×10^-27)*g][(((299792458)*8.4)^2)/(g*0.551 m))-1]

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