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English 2

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1. Which is an example of verbal irony as spoken by Antigone?
a. "You have yourself to consider, after all."
b. "You must decide whether you will help me or not."
c. "...and if I must die/ I say that this crime is holy..."
d. "...if it means death/ It will not be the worst of deaths..."

6. Which of the following events did not take place?
a. Teiresias blames Creon for causing his birds to behave strangely
b. After Creon fails to save Antigone, he buries Polyneices
c. In the Paean, the Chorus implores Dionysos to heal Thebes
d. The messenger announces Haimon's suicide
Not sure...But I know it's not D

7. Cassius's character can BEST be described as
a. noble
b. idealistic
c. cunning
d. honest

8. Caesar disregards the omens for all of the following reasons except
a. he does not trust the augurers
b. he doesn't want to appear cowardly
c. he feels fate is inescapable
d. he feels invincible
A? Or C...

13. In his treatment of Cassius, Brutus is characterized as
a. arrogant and condescending
b. cynical and punishing
c. carefree and fun-loving
d. righteous but forgiving

15. When Cassius asks Pindarus to report what he sees, Pindarus states that Titinius has been captured. Why is this event an example of irony?
a. At this point the audience knows that Titinius has not been captured
b. Cassius says he cannot see well, but the strong sighted Pindarus misinterprets what he sees
c. Pindarus lies so that Cassius will kill himself and so leave Pindarus a free man
d. Antony's troops are not capturing Titanus, but are cheering for him.

Please, please help me with these. I've read both plays but I just can't seem to get these questions. Thanks

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    I don't remember 6 (I haven't read it in 40 years). Number 8 is C. All the others I agree with MC.

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    Thanks! :D PS- I'm about to start Chemistry soon so you can help me with that too :p


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    1. b

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