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Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you check these sentences for me, please?
1)The Romantics reacted against the faith in reason which characterized the previous age.They claimed the superiority of feelings over reason.
2) They showed an interest in humble, everyday life. They paid attention to the country as a place where man's relationship with nature was still intact.
3) They developed a new taste for the desolate, the ruins, such as ancient castles and abbeys. They rediscovered art and popular traditions of the Middle Ages.
4) Nature ceased (?) to be considered as a philosophical entity. On the contrary, it cam to be felt as a real living being and to be described as it actually was.
5) The Romantics were concerned about the experience of childhood. They regarded children as purer than grown-up people for (because of?) their uncorrupted sensitivity. They were still unspoilt by civilization.

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    #4. cam = came


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