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A golf club contacts a golf ball for 0.15s at an angle to the horizontal and the ball strikes the ground a distance away. Initial speed is 25 m/s
Angle of projection is 15 degrees

Calculate time between ball leaving club and when it touches ground
The range of the ball down fairway and average force exerted by club on ball.

Can you direct me -I'm not great at deciphering the info I need to put into formulas- that's the part that confuses me

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    That is the part that is physics: analyzing and modeling problems.

    Break the initial velocity into vertical and horizontal components.

    vertical: 25sin15
    horizontal: 25cos15

    the time in air depends on the vertical.
    solve for time t.
    then, horizontal distance=t*horizontalvelocity

    finally: average force on ball

    I don't see massof the ball mentioned.

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