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College Chemistry-Please help me

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I need to find the ionic equation of:

I'm totally lost on this question

  • College Chemistry-Please help me -

    Are you looking for total net equation?

  • College Chemistry-Please help me -

    3Ba2+(aq)+2OH-(aq)+6H+(aq)+2(PO4)3-====>Ba3(PO4)2(s) + 6H2O

    You separate the elements, then if there is a reaction you end up with a Net equation, because this has H20 and an solid Ba3(PO4)2 the net equation it the same as the ionic, you can't break apart a solid or H2O. The charges should be on the right hand side on top of the element, along with the state below in parenthesis. All of the reactants are aqueous, which mean they can be divided but, because the product isn't nothing gets left out. Hope this helps.

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