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A 160 N block rest on a table attached to a string and pulley. The suspended mass over the side of the table has a weight of 53 N.
PART 1: What is the magnitude of the minimum force of static friction required to hold both blocks at rest? Answer in units of N.
PART 2: What minimum coefficient of static friction is required to ensure that both blocks remain at rest?

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    The tutors are not going to take the exams for you at the end of the term. This is your chance to attempt some questions on friction, test your understanding and make mistakes if you have to.

    Post your attempts, and if there are mistakes, we will be glad to help you.

    It is pointless to submit perfect homework but get a 25% at the exam.

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    i have done all my homework these 5 problems i could not understand.. my answers are due at midnight tonight im a senior in this physics course and math is generally my strong point but when it comes to things like this i try and i didn't get it so i posted the problem on here looking for help... sry if 5 problems out of 32 is such a huge problem to get help with...

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