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Posted by Matteo on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 8:55am.

This is an essay. The tiltle was introduce myself. I decided to make it in the sahpe of a diary entry. what do you guys think. Is it good enough:

26th September 2010
Dear Diary,
Today I had to wake up at 7.00pm so that at 7.30 I was at church where I met my friends from the youth group at the parish. We spent the day washing cars for charity. It was very tiring, but at the end of the day I felt a great sense of satisfaction. The feeling I feel after helping someone cannot be described. Tomorrow morning is my first day at school. I am really looking forward for it; I always look forward for new experiences. Now, I should really get to bed after a very tiring day. I don’t want to be asleep on my desk at the first day of school!

27th September 2010
Dear Diary,
Today was my first day at the new sixth form. It was not bad although I ended up spending break time eating alone. I really hate feeling lonely. This does not usually happen to me since I find it easy to make friends but I expected this to happen to me today. On the other hand the people at school look really friendly and kind. The school organises many social activities, I am really looking forward to these since they are splendid opportunities to make new friends. In the evening I had a band rehearsal. We practiced some new songs which we will play during our next activity.

28th September 2010
Dear Diary,
Today I did not have school so I decided to sleep a little longer. When I woke up I listened to some music. Rock music attracts me the most because of its simplicity, musical value and melody. Since I know what it means to be in a band I appreciate it the most. I practiced some piano, guitar and did some voice training and then left to meet my friends at my old school. I really miss my old friends and strangely enough even my teachers. In the evening I spent some time with my parents. I usually get along with them but sometimes we do quarrel, and sometimes we quarrel badly too!

29th September 2010
Dear Diary,
Today was my second day at school. Things are already much better since I am getting to know more people. Teachers at the school also seem very good. Computing lessons are really interesting and I hope that they will help me with my aspiration of becoming a Graphic Designer. Pure Maths is really challenging but I am confident that I will do well. After school I watched some television. On the news channel there was an update about the situation in the Middle East. I really believe that people there could compromise if they wanted to but unfortunately they are too power hungry. In the evening I went to church and after the mass I had an activity organised by the youth group I attend.

30th September 2010
Dear Diary
I had school again today. I had a free lesson, which was a great opportunity to make friends with my mentoring group. I found out that I was not the only one feeling strange in this new experience, this put my mind at rest! My English teacher also gave us our first essay. She asked us to write about ourselves. I decided to hand in the diary entries for this week since they tell enough about me! What do you think about this idea? Do you think it’s original and creative? I spent the evening doing my homework. I really want to take my A levels seriously and get top grades.

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