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composition and communication

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I need help identifying verb tanses. I have to write 5 sentences about the " role education plays in successful financial planning" using different verb tenses. This is what I have:
1. Education plays an important role in a person’s financial status. (PRESENT TENSE)
2. An educated person is more likely to be successful.
3. It is a proven fact that educated people earn more money than those who do not attend college.
4. By continuing their education, people are investing in their future.
5. Education is the key to successful financial planning.

  • composition and communication - ,

    #1 is correct.

    #4 - the verb "are investing" is called present progressive.

    The rest of your sentences have present tense verbs (the simple present, not present progressive or any other). Try rephrasing them so you have these tenses:

    simple past
    (walked, talked, sang, brought, were ... )

    present perfect
    (have earned, has studied - must have "has" or "have" as an auxiliary verb)

    (will walk, will talk, will sing ... )
    Read and study this webpage carefully.

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