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I am not sure how to approach this...I have to find the value of x that makes the derivate of f(x) equal to's what I have so far (is it correct?) and how is the problem finished?
Thank you very much!

f(x) = (1/x) + ln(x)
f'(X) = ln|x| + (1/x)
0 = ln|x| + (1/x)
how do I solve for x??
Thanks again :)

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    your derivative is incorrect,

    the derivative of 1/x is -1/x^2 , not lnx

    so f'(x) = -1/x^2 + 1/x

    -1/x^2 + 1/x = 0
    multiply by -x^2
    1 - x = 0
    x =1

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