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In my previuous post I forgot to indicate the assignment. I need to know how I can describe the picture of a room.
1) The girl in the picture wears her hair into a bun.
2) The girl next to her wears her hair in a pony and has got a two-colour hair band (on her head?)
3)In the top left (?) of the picture there is a window. Next to the window there are two bookshelves on the wall and a blackboard under it.
4)Three posters hang (or there are?)in the top right of the picture. There is a sofa behind them (or below?). There is a bike against the wall on the left of the sofa.
5)There are three desks in the foreground.There is a monitor and a keyboard on the desk on the right with a keyboard under it.
6)There is a cat under the desk in the middle, and a wastepaper basket on his left side. There is one chair next to (or at?) each desk

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    1. in a bun
    2. ponytail
    3. a blackboard under them
    4. behind if the posters are hanging low or below
    5. "under it" = under the desk?
    6. next to = could be at the side of the desk.. at each desk = more likely where you would sit on it


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