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Math- Simplifying Identities

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1.) cot(-θ)(secθ)
I think the answer is secθ but I don't know how to get this.

2.) (tanθ) / (cos)(90° -θ)

3.) 3sin2xcos2x - sin4x

4.) (cosx + tanx) / (csc^2 x)

  • Math- Simplifying Identities - ,

    = cos(-Ø)/sin(-Ø)(1/cosØ
    = (cosØ/-sinØ)(1/cosØ
    = - 1/sinØ
    = - csc(Ø)

    (test your answers with some weird angle, don't use 30's , 60's, or 45's)

    2. you will have to know that
    cos(90°-x) = sinx
    take it from there

    3. 3sin2xcos2x - sin4x
    = 3sin2xcos2x - 2sin2xcos2x
    = sin2xcos2x
    or (1/2)sin4x

    4. change everything to sines and cosines and just mess around with it.

    make sure to test your answer vs the original with some strange angle on your calculator.

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