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Posted by Sarene on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 12:10pm.

Could someone please check my answers/work for the following questions.
EQUATION: 3H2+N2 -->2NH3

1) How many grams of NH3 can be produced from 3.98 mol of N2?
3.98 mol N2(2 mol NH3/2 mol H2)=2.65 mol
Convert to grams: 2.65(17.0)=45.14g

2.)How many grams of H2 are needed to produce 10.41g of NH3?
10.41g/17.0=0.61 mol
0.61 mol NH3(3mol H2/1mol N2)= 1.83 mol

3.)How many molecules of NH3 are produced from 4.98x10^-4g of H2?
2.47x10^-4mol H2x (2mol NH3/1mol N2)=4.94 X10^-4 mol NH3(6.02X10^23)= 2.97 X 10^20 molecules.

Please let me know if I've done these questions correctly. Thanks

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