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I need to find the error in these sentences. 1. They is both happy. It has a subject and a verb. I'm lost. 2. This morning I watch TV before I drove here. .. need to know are they subject-verb agreement, run- on, verb form and tense or fragment. Please explain so I can understand. Thanks

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    1. When you have a plural subject, you also need a plural verb form. These are singular forms: I am, you are, he/she/it is. These are plural forms: we are, you are, they are. How will you correct sentence #1?

    2. Verb tenses are used to indicate WHEN an action took place. Basically, the tenses are present, past, and future, with some other tenses that are related directly to these. Examples:

    present - walk
    past - walked
    future - will walk

    present - write
    past - wrote
    future - will write

    How will you correct #2?

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    1. Are in replace of is and 2. Watched in past tense instead of watch. I hope I understand now thanks

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    Good job!

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    Yes, you did well!!


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