March 28, 2017

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18. To welcome a new Asian student into your classroom, it would be appropriate to
A. greet him or her warmly with a hug.
B. have the student introduce himself or herself to the class.
C. have classmates greet the new student by saying “welcome” in the child’s native tongue.
D. host a surprise party or celebration in honor of the new student.

I have no idea. I have read a couple of different things in my text and I think "C" or "D" would be appropriate.

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    I wouldn't do any, however C is the safest.

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    Definitely, C is the only answer. The child is scared and nervous. A surprise party might send her/him over the edge.

    I tutored a young Korean immigrant, and when she was young, she was shy and overawed by her new surroundings.

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    Can anyone check my anwser
    Please help thanks

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