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Posted by Sara on Monday, September 27, 2010 at 5:09pm.

I am working on the flow chart for my English Assignment and I require some help.

Task: Have to create a flow chart which shows the connections between the characters, events, and major ideas of Part One in reaction to Katniss the main character. I am not doing a flow chart on the whole book, it's just Part one I'm doing it on.


- minimum of five other characters
-minimum of three settings/places of action
-minimum of five important ideas or events

use traditional or unique flow chart design which incorporates visual elements to emphasize or highlight your content. Use Katniss as the anchor of your chart.

The teacher said that the main character Katniss can be in the Middle of the Chart. I have wrote her name in the middle of my paper and there is a square around her name. There is a arrow going to the right attached to that box which is attached to another one. That box is labeled FAMILY. And under family are:

-Prim(Katniss young sister)
-Father(deceased in mine explosion)

There is a arrow going down from the Box Katniss and it is labeled: FRIENDS

-Gale(best friend)

I need help with more boxes, and labeling them. Please help:-)

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