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maths proofs

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Take the numbers 4 and 7.

If we square them we get 16 and 49, which added together becomes 65.

If we add 4 and 7 together first and then square we get 121.

The difference is 56. PROVE that there is a connection between the product of 4 and 7 and 56 FOR ANY PAIR OF NUMBERS YOU SELECT.

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    Take the numbers a and b.

    If we square them we get a² and b², which added together becomes a²+b².

    If we add a and b together first and then square we get (a+b)².

    The difference between (a+b)² and a²+b² is....

    Expand and subtract.

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    is it


    if not please help


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    or is it


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    That's correct! (the last version).

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    thanks so much

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    You're welcome!

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