February 27, 2017

Homework Help: Physics - Inelastic Collision ( check + help)

Posted by Shaila on Sunday, September 26, 2010 at 2:52pm.

A billiard ball of mass 0.55kg moves with a velocity of 12.5m/s towards a stationary billiard ball of the identical mass and strikes it with a glancing blow. The first billiard ball moves of at an angle of 29.7deg clockwise from its original direction, with a velocity of 9.56m/s. Determine whether the collision was elastic.

Ans: since it is 2D collision, i tired solving it before and after; vertical component and horizontal component, i keep getting my second angle as 54deg and velocity 7m/s, where as my answer should be 41deg and 6m/s.


Horizontal = 0

(0.155)(9.56)(cos 29.7) + (0.155)(V'sin Theta) = 1.9375
(0.155)(V'sin Theta) = 1.9375 - (0.155)(9.56)(cos 29.7) (eq 1)

(0.155)(9.56)(V' cos 29.7) -(0.155)(V' cos theta) = 0
(0.155)(V' cos theta) = -(0.155)(9.56)(V' cos 29.7) (eq 2)

Then you solve simultaneously, but i do not get the answer

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