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Can you help me checked if the following sentences are grammatically correct? Thank you very much.
1) On what condition can Shylock take a pound of flesh from Antonio?
On condition that he doesn't drop(?) a single drop of Antonio's blood.
2) Why can have the Duke have him executed? Because he has tried to kill a Venetian.
3) How much of his propert must Shylock lose according to the law of Venice? All of his property.
4)What does Antonio suggest Shylock should do? He should pay a fine to the court and give half of his money to him.

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    1. Use "shed" instead of the first instance of "drop" and the sentence will be fine.

    2. Verb problems. Should be -- "Why can the Duke have him executed? Because he tried to kill a Venetial."

    3. Spelling -- property

    4. "his money to him" -- who is who??

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