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Homework Help: Alegbra 115

Posted by Donna on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 7:31pm.

I have been trying this on my own and just want to know if this is right are not

2. Suppose that the linear equation y = 0.3x + 0.9 represents an estimate of the average cost of gas for year x starting in 2002. The year 2002 would be represented by x = 1, for example, as it is the first year in the study. Similarly, 2008 would be year 7, or x = 7.
a) What year would be represented by x = 2? (2 pts.) 2003
b) How much did it cost per gallon of gasoline in the year represented by x=2? (2 pts.)
so does the y represent 2003= 0.3x + 0.9
0.3x 0.9 =2003

I do not think this is right

c) What x-value represents the year 2011? (2 pts.)10

d) Assuming this growth trend continues, what will the price of gasoline be in the year 2011? How did you arrive at your answer? Show your work (2 pts.)this i am not sure about at all do I need to subtract this one

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