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I have an assignment that ask to describe an issue between Native Americans and the federal government. I found an article at indiancountrytoday that speaks of uranium mining and how it affects the water supply for over 15,000 residents. My problem: I do not know how to go about the introduction. So far all I have is: As communities that have been stricken with poverty, issues are faced everyday for Native American communities range from the availability of water to food supply to light.

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    Have you written the body of the paper? Or do you at least have a thesis statement and outline?

    If you have not done either of those things, please do so before you start worrying about the introduction. After all, how can you introduce a paper you have not written yet.

    However ...

    If you have the thesis statement and outline, please post it. Better yet, if you have the rough draft of the body of the paper, please post that.

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