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I posted a few questions and then went back and posted how I thought they were supposed to be answered. Could someone please locate my earlier questions and tell me if I am on the right track?

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    I answered some of them

    click on your name above and you will see your posts

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    Thank you Reiny so much for you help. Can you tell me if I am on the right track with this problem: 4c^2/4c^2-8c+4 x 4c-4/2c When solving this am I supposed to find the gcf or lcm to solve> would the lcm be 2 and the gcf be 16? I don't know if I am even going down the right road here?

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    Use brackets to show when the denominator ends
    I think you meant
    4c^2/(4c^2-8c+4)( 4c-4)/2c , which is
    = 4c^2/(4(c^2 - 2c + 1)(4)(c-1)/(2c)
    = 4c^2/(4(c- 1)^2(4)(c-1)/(2c)

    now things cancel rather nicely

    final result

    2c/(c-1) , c ≠ 1,0

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    THANKS!!!!!! Just one question, when I follow these steps and get to the result is it both 2c/(c-1), c‚ 10 or am I reading my problem wrong and the answer is just c‚ 10

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    The final answer is

    the part after it is the restriction.
    you are reading it wrong, it does not have 10 in it.
    it says, c cannot be equal to 1 or c cannot be equal to 0
    Since we cannot divide by zero, those values would make the denominators we canceled equal to zero.

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