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the equation is f(x) = (1/sq. root of 1-x^2)

1. f(x) is never zero.
2. 0 is in the domain of f
3. All negative real numbers are in the domain of f
4. All positive real numbers are in the domain of f
5. 1 is in the domain of f
6. f(x) is never negative
7. f(x) is never positive.

which of these are true or false?

I tried drawing the graph and I came up with:

Could someone please tell me which ones I have right and wrong? I cant seem to figure this out..

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    Josh or Andy,

    You need to understand what a domain is. Review your class notes and your answers.

    Please check the recommendations of your previous post.

    Both the last post and this have 2 questions (out of 7) answered correctly, so I do not know if you had answered at random, or perhaps you need to review your class notes more seriously.

    If you would review your answers, and explain how you got the answers, and why, I would be pleased to correct them one by one. Remember,many professors do not mark on correct answers alone.

    Your first step is to understand what a domain is, and consequently find the domain of the given function. This will help you answer the first 5 questions correctly.

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