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A) A partly full paint can has 0.747 U.S. gallons of paint left in it. What is the volume of the paint in cubic meters?

I got the answer as 0.00283 cm^3

B) If all the remaining paint is used to coat a wall evenly (wall area = 11.7 m2), how thick is the layer of wet paint?

Im not sure how to solve part B) !

  • Physics -

    Part A is correct, but the unit should be m³ (cubic metre).

    For part B, consider the 0.00283 m³ of paint is used to make a huge but flat box with the same volume, then
    11.7 m²*thickness = 0.00283 m³.
    Solve for thickness.

  • Physics -

    0.747 gallons * (1 ft^3)/(7.48 gallons) *(0.3048 m/ft)^3 = ___ m^3

    b) the volume in m^3 equals the area coverage {in m^2} times the paint coating thickness, in meters.

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