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A projectile is launched from ground level to the top of a cliff which is 195 m away and 155 m high. If the projectile lands on top of the cliff 9.2 s after it is fired, find the initial velocity of the projectile (magnitude and direction). Neglect air resistance. Also calculate the angle

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    Well, you have some algebra ahead.


    you are given t.

    So you have two equations, two unknowns.
    Here is what I suggest. Put both equations in the form of

    V*trigfunction=some number

    then square both sides.
    add the equations, you should get something like this:
    V^2(cosTheta ^2 + sinTheta ^2)=number^2

    well, you know the ( ) is 1, which allows you to solve for V. Then substitute back to solve for theta.

    Have fun.

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