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Teachers Aide/Technology in the Classroom

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Which of the following scenarios most likely describes the future of technology in education?

A. School personnel will become convinced that computers are a passing fad.
B. More interactive multimedia programs will become available.
C. Drill and practice will be the usual function of computers.
D. Schools will use computers primarily for testing.

I am leaning towards "B" as my answer.

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    I definitely agree.

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    I agree, but only because the other answers are silly. I think we are far from understanding how technology will best function, and how.

    In my opinion, we all learn by practice spaced over time, knowing well that on some things some students require more or less practice than other. I suspect, but do not know, these principles will be built into programs, monitoring competency in specific learning tasks, reducing then the frequency of repetition, or spacing review/application lessons on those "mastered", but keeping up the review/repetion at a reduced rate. This will really make paced learning individualized, in content and rate.
    How will schools adapt to this: What if a child completes Algebra II in three months at a high competency? What to do with that child? Frankly, if that happens now, the child sits in the same classroom the rest of the year, or goes to the library...
    So we have a long way to go with learning how best to use technology, and how it will affect us. Remember, in truly individualized paced instruction, "lesson plans" that the teacher teaches the class will largely go away, as there are probably kids at ten different lessons at any one point.

    But, we will figure it out.

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