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Thank you very much for your last corrections. Here are some sentences on clothes' description I'm not sure of. Can you tell me the best way to describe a picture?

1.In the foreground I can see a group of young boys taking part in the "Ten Tors Challenge". They are all wearing a backpack and a sleeping bag on their back and a yellow T-shirt with the competition’s sponsors on it.
2) In their backpacks they have packed extra clothes, food and water for the two-day competition. I can see the finishing line in the background (on the top left-hand side??)
3) The first boy on the left is wearing a two-colour flowery short-sleeved shirt with a yellow T-shirt under it (or underneath?).
4) He is also wearing black tracksuit bottoms with a white stripe on each side and a white-and-red bandanna on his forehead.
5) The second boy on the left is wearing the same yellow T-shirt and khaki bottoms with pockets on both sides.
6) The third boy is wearing a pair of white linen trousers with black knee high gaiters (?) and hiking boots.
7) The boy on the very left is wearing a checked shirt with a yellow T-shirt over it, khaki trousers and ankle-high boots. He is holding a walking stick in each hand (?).
8) How would you describe the picture of a book? In the foreground/background, on the top right (or right-hand side) of the picture, on the top left, in the middle etc.

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