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Algebra--Math matePlease help

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Homework Help Forum: Algebra-Please help-I'm confused
Posted by Tom on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 8:09pm.

This deals with quadratic functions-If I have a graph with h = (-5)and k =3 and they ask for the translation, would it be {5,3} or would the translation just be {-5,3}

Do you take the opposite of the number when it is transalated from the graph or do you only take the opposite when you transalate from the quadratic equation?

question incomplete - MathMate, Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 9:05pm
The question seems incomplete to me.

A translation requires two of the three items of data: origin, destination, or the translation vector.

In the given question, I see only the origin (vertex), but do not find where the vertex is supposed to go, or a translation vector provided.

If you have more information, kindly post. If the vertex is to translate to the origin, say so.

Algebra-Please help-I'm confused - Tom, Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 9:18am
There wasn't anymore. They show an upward parabola graphed with vertex h=(-5) and K=(-5) and they ask what is the translation in terms of h and k of the following graph.

Possible answers:
h=5, k=5
h= -5, k=5
h= -5 and k=-5
h=5 and k= -5

That's why I asked do I just answer where the vertex is because it is 5 to the left and five down with the upward parabola from that point or what?

  • Algebra--Math matePlease help - ,

    I have not seen the diagram, but when presenting parabolas in the form
    f(x) = a(x-h)²+k
    it is usual to consider the starting point with the vertex at (0,0) and as we vary h and k, it will be translated to the final position.

    Back to the question, is the vertex drawn at (-5,-5) or does the diagram indicate explicitly h=-5 and k=-5?

    In the former case, you need to find the combination of values of h and k so that the vertex of the parabola sits at (-5,-5).

    In the latter case, the answer is given, so it is not clear what is required.

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