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Posted by TiffanyJ on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 8:13pm.

Write each possessive noun or contraction with an apostrophe.

1. Woodrow Wilson was Americas twenty-eighth president. America's

2. As a student at Princeton, joined the schools debating society. schools'

3. Before becoming president, he served as Princeton Universitys president. Princeton University's

4. Wilsons regarded today as an educational political reformer. Wilson's

5. He was elected New Jerseys govenor in 1910. New Jersey's

6. His success in New Jersey brought him to the Democrats attention. Democrat's

7. Wilsons first term of office as president began in 1913. Wilson's

8. The wars outbreak in Europe kept his attention on forging affairs. war's

9. During his second term, he helped make the peace among Europes powers.
Europe's powers

10. He had a stroke and was not able to fight for the peace treatys acceptance. peace treaty's

I am haveing alot of trouble understanding these.

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