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The entire surface of a solid cube with a length of 6 inches is painted. The cube is then cut into cubes each with edge of length 1 inch. How many smaller cubes are there? How many of the smaller cubes have paint on exactly 1 face?

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    First, you need to visualize the cube and you will notice that it is a 6x6 cube. First step is to think of the side of the cube. It is 6x6 inches so that means that its surface area will be 36 inches and in this scenario, it means that there will be 36 cubes on the 2D shape.Now keep the number in mind. Now go back to the 3D shape and you will notice that it is basically the 2D shape we were talking about, expect there are 6 6x6 rows instead of one. Now that easy right? We just have to multiply that 36 by 6 and we get 216. Now we know that there are 216 small cubes in the bigger cube. Sorry if this doesn't help, you should copy the question word by word from your textbook or workbook.

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