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Hello. My teacher gave us a worksheet today she tried to explain it but I still don't understand it can someone help me please?

1) A jar is filled with mercury and has a volume of 500.mL. What is the mass of mercury in the jar? Show your work for credit.

2) GE's light bulb division ordered of tungsten for the filaments. If the tungsten comes in a cube what is the volume of the cube? What is the length of each side?Show your work for credit.

3) A graduated cylinder has 25.0mL of water in it before an aluminum cube with the mass of 10.0g is added to it. What is the new level of water in the cylinder?Show your work for credit.

4) There are two cubes (one gold and one copper) with the same volume. The mass of the copper is 55.0g. What is the mass of the gold cube.Show your work for credit.

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