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A fully loaded 737 aircraft takes off at 250km/h.If its acceleration is a steady 3.3 , how long a runway is required? How much time does it take the plane to reach takeoff?

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    Can you clarify the units for the acceleration of 3.3?

    Note: the acceleration of a 737 is in the range of 1.6-1.9 m/s².

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    That is a little fast for a fully loaded 737, but I'm not buying one, so it doesn't matter!

    Hint: convert all quantities to consistent units, in this case, in metres and seconds.
    For example,
    Final speed, v1
    =250 km/hr = 250 *1000m / 3600 s

    Acceleration, a
    = 3.3 m/s²

    Time required, t
    = v1/a s

    Length of runway required, S
    = v1²/(2a)

    Post your answers for a check if you wish.

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    where do you get the equation v1²/(2a)

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