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Assembly Language

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Hello, i am new at assembly language and i just got started with this stuff. I have this assignment which doesn't make any sense to me.
Can someone please help?

I am using Kip Irvine's, Assembly Language for x86 Processors, 6th edition.

These are the instructions to assignment:
1. I have to write a program that defines 3 WORD(DW) variables and initializes each of these to 0.

2. I have to use authors DumpMem procedure to dump all the three variables.

3. Into register ax put -3

4. Into register bx put 64000

5. Into register dx put -64000

6. Store each of these into the variable that you defined. You may decide which register goes into which memory variable.

7. Use the authors DumRegs procedure to display the content of the registers.

8. Use the DumpMem again to look at the 3 variables in memory

9. Use the visual studio debugger and display the registers.

Can someone please explain what to do with an example, any help is appreciated.


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