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A current of a river flows steadily from west to east at 1.00 m/s. A boat in the river travels at 3.00 m/s relative to the water. The river is 20.0 m wide with parallel banks. The boat leaves the shore at point A, and point B is directly across the river from that point.

1) At what angle with respect to the north-south direction should the boat head to go directly to point B?

2) If the boat heads as in part (a), how long (in s) will it take it to reach point B?

3) Suppose the boat's motor is low on gas, so that the person guiding it wants to get to the opposite bank as quickly as possible and does not care where the boat lands. In what direction (to the north-south) should this person steer the boat?

4) Where will it land relative to B? (how many m to the east?)

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