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Hi, I have to answer if each questions is a nominal, ordinal, interval discrete, interval continuous, ratio discrete, or ratio continuous. I would like to know if my answers are correct and if wrong what is the correct answer. Thanks

1. Highest level of education completed?
a. not listed
b. high school
c. college/university
d. Master/doctorate
e. any professional degree
f. technical
Answer: Nominal

2. How old were you at your last birthday?
Answer: Ordinal

3. How much of a common history do you think you share with other Canadians? Would you say
a. A lot
b. Some
c. A little
d. No common History
Answer: Nominal

4. What is your hand span in centimeters?
Answer:Discrete Data

5. Are you
a. married
b. living with a partner
c. widowed
d. separated
e. divorced

6. Do you have allergies?

7. What is the length of your right foot without shoes in centimetres?
Answer: Discrete Data

8. What colour are your eyes?
a. blue
b. brown
c. green
d. other
A: Nominal

9. What is your height in centimetres without shoes?
Answer: Continuous Data

10. Currently the outside temperature is ______ degrees celsius?
Answer: Interval Continuous

  • Statistics -

    1. Education can be indicated as "more than" or "less than." Does that fit nominal?

    2. If you are 16 and your brother is only 8, can't you say you are twice as old as him? Is that only ordinal?

    3. See 1.

    4. Continuous and ratio scale.

    5, 6, 8, 10. Yes!

    7. See 4.

    9. Also ratio scale.

    Measurement scales

    I. Nominal scale names or classifies only (social security number, baseball, football uniform examples).

    II. Ordinal scale also ranks beside naming (height, baseball standings, beauty pageant examples). Most psychological tests are only ordinal scales.

    III. Interval scale, beside previous qualities, also has equal intervals and an arbitrary zero (centigrade/Celsius thermometer example).

    IV. Ratio scale (Q student, handout) also has a true/absolute zero, which allows comparisons in terms of ratios (Kelvin thermometer, height/weight exams). Math uses ratio scale.

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