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for tan2x=3 i get should get two values 71.56 and 251.56 but i dnt knw how to solve to get this two values. pls help me with this. thanx in advance.

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    reason it this way
    let 2x = Ø
    then tanØ = 3
    Ø must be in quadrants I or III
    and using your calculator
    Ø = 79.52° or 180+79.52 = 259.52°

    then 2x = 79.52 or 2x = 259.52
    x=39.76° or x = 129.76°

    tan(2x39.76) = tan 79.52 = 3
    same for the other one.

    I don't know how "they" got your answers.

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    Sorry your numbers were correct, had my calculator set to GRAD, how silly of me.

    Just change my numbers, the method is correct.

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