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Redox titrations are used to determine the amounts of oxidizing and reducing agents in solution. For example, a solution of hydrogen peroxide, , can be titrated against a solution of potassium permanganate, . The following equation represents the reaction:
2KMnO4+H202-> 3H2SO4->O2+2MnSO4+ K2SO4+4H2O

A certain amount of hydrogen peroxide was dissolved in 100.mL of water and then titrated with 1.68M KMnO4. How much H2O2 was dissolved if the titration required 12.3mL of the KMnO4 solution?

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    moles KMnO4 = M x L = ??
    moles H2O2 = 1/2 x moles KMnO4.
    g H2O2 = moles H2O2 x molar mass H2O2.

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