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hello! i need help with homework sociology

1) Which of the following research errors is less prone to being classified as fraud
and more likely to be considered as simply sloppy work?

A) asking biased questions
B) choosing a biased sample
c)analyzing the data incorrectly
d)disregarding undesirable results

please! help me with this question!!
thank you!!

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    Probably c. What does your textbook author say?

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    Which statement is least accurate regarding language?

    1) language allow culture to exist
    2) language is the primary method people communicate with one another.
    3)language is universal in terms of the meaning of particular sounds.
    4) it is based on a series of symbols that can be strung together in an infinite of the ways.

    i need some more help with this question!thank you in advance!!

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    I'll be glad to help you after you tell us what YOU think the answer is.

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    It's number 3. Ms. Sue's right, though. Think about the question yourself before jumping to the web for help.

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