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A certain freely falling object requires 1.25 s to travel the last 35.5 m before it hits the ground. From what height above the ground did it fall?

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    Let T be the time required to fall the entire height H. You will have to solve for both.

    H = (g/2) T^2 = 4.9 T^2
    H - 35.5 = (g/2)*(T-1.25)^2
    = 4.9*(T-1.25)^2 = 4.9T^2 -12.25T + 7.656

    Subtract the second equation from the first and solve for T. Then use that T to solve for H.

    35.5 = 12.25T -7.7
    T = 3.53 s

    H = 60.9 m

    Do it yourself and check my numbers; there could be a mistake.

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