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Given AB is perpendicular to BC

<ABO= (2x + y)degrees
<OBC= (6x + 8)deg.
<AOB= (23 + 90)deg
<BOC= (4x + 4)degrees

Find <ABO

(don't know how to draw it but a triangle is within a circle. The triangle name is ABC and segment BO goes through the triangle.)

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    Confusing question.

    You say "a triangle is within a circle"
    Are the vertices on the triangle ON the circle?
    Where does O come in ? Is O the centre of the circle?

    also the statement
    <AOB= (23 + 90)deg looks like a typo, all the others contain variable names.

  • geometry -

    no the vertices is on the point. the 0 i in the center of the circle.

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