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the freezing point of ethanol (C2H5OH) is -114.6C. the molal freezing point depression constant for ethanol is 2.00C/m. what is the freezing point (C) of a solution prepared by dissolving 50.0 g of glycerin (C3H8O3, A nonelectrolyte) in 200 g of ethanol.

any help would be appreciated im very confused.

  • molal -

    moles glycerin = grams/molar mass
    solve for moles glycerin.

    molality = mole/kg solvent
    solve for molality

    delta T = K*m
    solve for delta T, then freezing point.

  • molal -

    thank you looks like i double posted... sorry

  • molal -

    i tried to solve it on my own but im confused about the last part, this i what i have so far..

    moles of glycerin= 50.0/92.10=0.54
    is that right?

    im a little confused about the numbers im supposed to use for step 3...

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