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I need help setting up this problem:

Ethylene glycol has a specific gravity of 1.1088 at room temperature, What is the volume of 1.00 kg of ethylene glycol? What is the volume of 2.00 lb of ethylene glycol?

Using 25 degrees Celsius.

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    1.1088 WHAT?

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    There are no units after 1.088 in the problem it just says a specific gravity of 1.088 at room temperature.

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    I apologize. Specific gravity has no units; I inadvertently read it as density. My error.

    Since no temperature is specified, we must assume specific gravity to be the same as density; therefore, density = 1.1088 g/mL.
    1.0 kg ethylene glycol = 1,000 grams.
    mass = volume x density or
    volume = mass/density = 1,000/1.1088 = ??

    For the second part, convert 1 lb to grams and substitute as above.
    NOTE: I see you wrote 1.1088 in the first response and 1.088 in the second one (twice). Use the correct value; whatever that number is.

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