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I need serious help with 3 different chemistry problems:
1. If coal is assumed to be all carbon, carbon has a molecular weight of 12 lb-mass/lb-mol, and oxgyen (diatomic) has a molecular weight of 32 lb-mass/lb-mol, how much carbon dioxide (lb-mass/day) is produced in 171.4 lb./day?

2. A quantity k depends on the temperature T in the following manner:

k(mol/cm^3xs)= 1.2 x 10^5 exp(-20,000/1.987T)
The units of the quantity 20,000 are cal/mol, and T is in K. What are the units of 1.2 x 10^5 and 1.987?

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    1. Wouldn't the molar mass CO2 be 44.
    171.4 x (1/12) = moles CO2
    lb CO2 = (171.4/12) x (44 lb CO2/mol) = ??

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