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Math 117

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2. Biologists want to set up a station to test alligators in the lake for West Nile Virus. Suppose that the costs for such a station are $2,500 for setup costs and $3.00 to administer each test.

a. Write an expression that gives the total cost to test x animals.

b. You can find the average cost per animal by dividing total costs by number of animals. Write the expression that gives the average cost per animal.

c. Find the average cost per animal for 10 animals. 100 animals. 1,000 animals.

d. As the number of animals tested increases, what happens to the average cost to test the animals? Would the average cost ever fall below $3.00? If so, identify a value that supports your answer. If not, explain how you know.

e. How many animals should be tested for the average cost to be $5.00 per animal?

  • Math 117 -

    Please post what you know about these problems and what you're having trouble with. Then we can help you.

  • Math 117 -

    tc=total cost

    a. 2500+(3x)=tc

    b. (2500+(3x))/x or tc/x

    c. 10= $253 per animal
    100= $28 per animal
    1000= $5.50 per animal

    d. As the amount af animals increase the price decreases and the average price will never fall below $3.00

    e. (2500+(3x))/x=5

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