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Math Word Problem

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Cashews sell for $4.00 per pound and peanuts for $1.50 per pound. The peanuts didn't sell well, so in order to sell 60 lbs of peanuts the manager decided to mix 60 lbs of peanuts w/ cashews and sell the mixture for $2.50 per pound. How many lbs cashews should be mixedto ensure no change in profit?

I thought the equation would be
4c + 1.50p = 2.50
c + 60p = 100 ?
or should I multiply 2.50(60)

  • Math Word Problem -

    total cost=sum of costs
    2.50(c+p)=4c + 1.50p

    and p is given as 60
    solve for c

  • Math Word Problem -

    A store is selling two mixtures of nuts in 20-ounce bags. The first mixture has 15 ounces of peanuts combined with five ounces of cashews, and costs $4.25. The second mixture has five ounces of peanuts and 15 ounces of cashews, and costs $6.75. How much does one ounce of peanuts and one ounce of cashews cost?

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