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A diver springs upward from a board that is three meters above the water. At the instant she contacts the water her speed is 9.6 m/s and her body makes an angle of 84 degrees with respect to the horizontal surface of the water .

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    I'd score it 8 out of 10, but don't know the degree of difficulty.

    By the way, what is your question?

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    In a two-dimensional tug-of-war, Alex, Betty, and Charles pull horizontally on an automobile tire at the angles shown in the picture. The tire remains stationary in spite of the three pulls. Alex pulls with force of magnitude 213 N, and Charles pulls with force of magnitude 178 N. Note that the direction of is not given. What is the magnitude of Betty's force if Charles pulls in (a) the direction drawn in the picture or (b) the other possible direction for equilibrium?

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    you do the 9.6m/s^2 - (2(-9.8)(-3)
    the -3 because the board is 3 meters above the water so the y change is 3 down so that's -3


    answer: 5.78m/s

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