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You are traveling in a convertible with the top down. The car is moving at a constant velocity 27.7 m/s, due east along flat ground. You throw a tomato straight upward at a speed of 12.8 m/s. How far has the car moved when you get a chance to catch the tomato?

I do not understand how to do this problem. Can i use the equation v_final of y component = v_initial of y component + g*time, and solve for t using 27.7 as my initial velocity of the y component and 12.8 as my final velocity of the y component? please help

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    How long is the tomato in the air?

    hf=hi+Vi*t-gt^2 /2
    hf, hi both are zero, solve for time t.

    Now, the care moves distance=27.7m/s*time

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    y= Vyi + 1/2 ayt^2

    set y=0, and Vyi = 12.5
    Solve for Time.

    v=d/t where v= velocity of car and t= time you obtained from previous equation. Solve for d and you get your answer

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