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Posted by Gina on Friday, September 10, 2010 at 3:14am.

A rabbit runs in a garden such that the x- and y-components of its displacement as function of times are given by
x(t) = −0.44t2 − 6.0t + 73 and y(t)= 0.35t2 + 8.3t + 34.
(Both x and y are in meters and t is in seconds.)
(a) Calculate the rabbit's position (magnitude and direction) at t = 9 s.
magnitude 1
direction 2° north of west

(b) Calculate the rabbit's velocity at t = 9 s.
magnitude 3
direction 4° north of west

(c) Determine the acceleration vector at t = 9 s.
aarrowitalic = m/s2

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