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4th grade

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Juan is thinking of an 8-digit number with a 4 in the hundreds place and a 1 in the ones place. What number would fit with these clues

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    Almost an infinite number would fit these clues.

    For instance:

    Do you have any choices or more information?

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    If this is the only information you are given, then I believe it is just a test to make sure you know your place values. As long as you have the '4' in the hundreds place and the '1' in the ones place, it doesn't matter what numbers you have in the other places.

    _ _ , _ _ _ , 4 _ 1

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    expanded form for 411725600

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    the answer is 12,356,471, don't copy, cuz your teacher might know this website, so make an answer similar to my answer plz!

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